WOD: 10-26-12

 Guess which one is my favorite…

Strength:  Front Squats

30 reps at 5 lbs less than last week
20 reps at the same weight as last week
10 reps at 5 lbs more than last week

WOD:  10 min AMRAP of:

30 Overhead Squats (115/75)
30 Burpees onto a 45 lb plate
10 Muscle Ups


I am glad you and I waited for today to talk about the issue I was too lazy to cover yesterday.  Put your I-am-going-to-get-chastised-pants on…it’s going down!!!

I know that your job at teaching/financing/selling/trading/thing-that-you-do-that-pays-you-money is just a way to disguise your superhero identity.  I know that these workouts are practice for your more daring ventures.  I know a lot of other things too.  With that said, please note that you do not have to show off your super abilities to me or any other coach day in and day out.  I am specifically referring to doing the workout as prescribed.  If you know that your shoulders/hips/spines cannot handle the workload written, then please take a minute to figure out what weights will be best for your high-intensity experience.  The prescribed loads should be seen as the manner by which we feel you will get the best workout.  If your body thinks differently than this suggestion, then by all means, listen to it.  This is not new material (unless you are just finishing the on-ramp course, in which case, HI!) we are covering here, but as the complexity and loads increase, it does not mean that you may be ready to do so.  I appreciate all of your efforts to be perfect like me, but all I ask is that in order to avoid injuries or overload the body, just please take it at your own pace.

Sorry I had to yell,



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